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Wearing high-heeled sandals threatens women’s health

The fashion for high-heeled shoes in the race to look slim and beautiful is deteriorating women’s knee and other body joints, including the waist. According to research by the National Institute of Occupational Health, 68% Women wear high heels that are not suitable for the feet. Only 10% of women wear appropriate shoes or slippers from a health point of view. According to the survey, 90% of girls who wear high heels suffer from knee, back, hip, shoulder and joint pain, including 12 to 18 year old girls. 20% and 40% of women between the ages of 20 and 39 suffer. Experts believe that the growing practice of high heels has caused pain and discomfort in various joints in addition to the knees and back in women, varicose veins and Fat deposits around the waist are on the rise and even girls between the ages of 12 and 18 are suffering from these problems and are serious. Surgery such as knee replacement surgery is on the rise.

Wearing high-heeled sandals threatens women's health

Dr Raju Vaishya, a senior orthopedic surgeon at the local Apollo Hospital, says that for some time now, orthopedic surgeons have been visiting patients seeking treatment for knee, back and other joint problems. The number of young women in India is increasing and one of the reasons is the increase in the use of high heels. Many of these patients have to undergo knee replacement surgery, but one of the problems with younger women’s knee replacement surgery is that such knees last for a maximum of 20 years and then it is time for another operation. ۔ Today a technique called Ortho Glide is being used to solve this problem. This technique does not require cutting the bones. It is treated with arthroscopy with a very small surgery. The knees are not replaced in this technique. In this case, if the discomfort increases in the future, the patient will kneel One in ten women wear high-heeled shoes at least three days a week, and a recent survey found that one-third of them fall due to high heels. Wearing high heels makes the heels higher and the body tilts forward, which puts more pressure on the toes and heels and causes pain in the toes and heels. This is followed by complaints such as back pain, heel pain, nerve strain, knee pain and fracture. High heels are a major cause of pain in various joints in girls. Dr. Raju Vaisha said that knee and joint problems are increasing not only in girls but also in boys at an early age. Doctors say that there is no problem if you wear shoes with heels up to one and a half inches high, but when the height of the heel is 5.4 inches, it becomes a cause of discomfort. Also avoid wearing high heels all day Should If a woman has to wear high heels every day, she should wear high heel footwear that also has high heels. Women between the ages of 20 and 35 are more prone to this problem. Initially, it shows swelling in the legs, butAfter one or two years, wearing high heels causes constant pain in the legs, tension in the nerves, and pain in the back and knees.

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