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Top 10 Tools for Laser Hair Removal at Home

If you are sick of shaving, shining, or waxing, you may want to consider other permanent hair removal methods. Laser hair removal offers long lasting results. Although not completely permanent, you can go for weeks without having to repeat your treatment.

Laser hair removal is done with the help of high temperature lasers or intense pulsed lights (IPL) which dissolve the hair and temporarily inactivate the hair follicles. That way, the hair follicles will not be able to grow new hair for several weeks.

It happens that you had to see a dermatologist for laser hair removal. Although our experts still recommend seeing a professional, you can consider the latest in-house laser hair removal tools that you can use at your convenience.


Top 10 Tools for Laser Hair Removal at Home


We evaluated 10 of these devices based on their safety, usefulness and price. While there are only two true laser hair removal devices, the rest are IPL devices that work the same way.


1. Tria beautiful laser hair removal


Details: Laser Hair Removal is one of the two laser hair removal tools used by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The laser claims to have three times more hair removal energy than other devices.

  • Profession: People say it really works.
  • Cons: Some people report having trouble using the device, and it takes some time to see results. Others were not happy with the limited capacity of the battery and the fact that the laser targets a very small area.
  • Cost: $$$
  • 2. Tria beautifully hair removal precision laser


    Details: This device has the same technology and FDA clearance as the real Triya laser, but it is designed to target smaller areas, such as the upper lip.

    • Pros: It provides as much power and efficiency as the larger Tria laser hair removal device.
    • Cons: Like real Tria, treatment can be painful, and it may take some time to see results.
    • Cost: $$$

    3. Cosbet IPL


    Details: CosbyT IPL is an FDA-free IPL tool that claims to treat a leg or arm in just 8 minutes.

    • Pros: A skin head sensor can automatically adjust the light intensity suitable for your skin. The majority of user reviews have reported that the device reduces unwanted hair with regular use.
    • Cons: Some people have commented that they are not seeing any changes while using this device and that the battery life is not ideal.
    • Cost: $$

    4. Hair removal with MiSMON laser


    Details: This device uses IPL technology for hair removal, which is said to be softer and more efficient than other methods. Mismon offers a range of one to five levels and 300,000 flashes. He has also received an FDA safety certificate.

    • Pros: Consumers report that this tool is especially effective on thick, coarse hair.
    • Cons: The downside of this tool is that it is only suitable for dark hair and is suitable for olive skin tips. You can’t even use it on the lip area.
    • Cost: $$

    5. Gillette Venus Silk Expert


    Details: As a well-known brand of razors, the growing laser hair removal niche also has a product of its own. Venus Silk Expert uses IPL technology and is smaller in size than other laser devices in the home. It also comes with a facial cleansing brush to exfoliate the skin for more effective results.

    • Pros: Size makes it ideal for small areas such as the face, underarms and bikini area.
    • Cons: The biggest disadvantage of this product is the price tag. Consumers have also complained that it is ineffective for dark skin and takes longer to see results.
    • Cost: $$$

    6. Silk flash and go


    Details: Silk Flash & Go uses 5000 pulses of hair removal energy to increase the growth of hair follicles. The device can be used on any part of the body, including sensitive skin on the face and bikini area.

    • Pros: Consumers have reported that the device works well on obese, dark hair on both face and legs.
    • Cons: Some users have reported that hair returns as soon as they stop using the device.
    • Cost: $$

    7. Brown Silk Expert 5 IPL


    Details: If you are looking for faster results in hair removal tool at home, consider Brown Silk Expert 5 IPL. The brand promises full results in just 4 weeks, less than half the time compared to other brands.

    • Pros: Brown Silk Expert 5 IPL is equipped with a feature that is said to shape your skin tone naturally, so you will see less side effects. It should also take less time to see results than other devices.
    • Cons: This device is more expensive, and it doesn’t come with an LED display like some of its competitors do.
    • Cost: $$$

    8. mē Smooth permanent hair removal device


    Details: This FDA-free cleansing tool is said to work on a wide range of any skin tone and hair color.

    • Pros: Consumers say the device is small, simple and easy to use. Most say they cause significant hair loss with regular use.
    • Cons: Consumers say it takes a lot of treatment and time to see results, and others report not seeing results at all.
    • Cost: $$

    9. Remington iLight Elite


    Details: If you’re looking for a safety laser removal device that carries FDA clearance, the Remington Eye Light Elite might be a good choice. It is a bone device with 100,000 IPL flashes and is equipped with two cartridges for large and small treatment areas.

    • Pros: The shape of the treatment cap makes it so you can spend less time in the treatment area and see more accurate results.
    • Cons: You don’t get as much brightness or LED screen as other laser devices that are more affordable.
    • Cost: $$$

    10. LumaRx Full Body IPL


    Details: Lumix Full Body IPL is another laser hair removal device that offers professional results and is cleaned by the FDA.

    • Pros: This device has a comfort filter that reduces the risk of burns and pain during treatment.
    • Cons: The downside of Loma Arcs is that you can’t use it on deep skin scalp or light hair colors. Some users have also complained about seeing some results for a higher price tag.
    • Cost: $$$

    How to choose

    Buying the right laser hair removal tool is more than just looking for the best reviews. You want to make sure that a potential device has the following:

    • A guide for hair color and skin tone. The device must meet you.
    • Flash capacity. This refers to the scope of IPL or laser wavelength. Therefore, the higher the number, the longer the device is expected to be.
    • Changing the level of intensity
    • An electric cord for long use or battery operated for ease of use.
    • Different attachments in different parts of the body. This can include bikini area, underarm, face and more.

    Your budget is another consideration, but you may not be well-proportioned or you will miss out on important features. The cost of a laser device in a typical home is usually 100 or more.

    How to use

    Now that you have your favorite laser hair removal device, you’ll want to make sure you do the necessary preparation before use. Make sure the device is fully charged and that you have read the safety instructions. Clean and dry the desired area of ​​skin before use.

    To keep the device in tip-top condition, make sure you store it in your main closet or in a safe place, such as your bathroom cabinet.

    The treatment you need depends on the individual growth of the device and the hair. The key is to be consistent about your use to see results.

    Although laser hair removal is often considered to be permanent, the fact remains that your hair follicles will heal in no time and create new hair.

    It may take a few sessions to see the results. But you don’t want to use the device too much, as it can cause skin irritation and hyperpigmentation.

    Safety indicators

    Laser hair removal results can be more predictable when done by a dermatologist. The FDA does not regulate laser hair removal devices at home, so results and safety are not guaranteed.

    There are also not enough clinical studies available to prove that lasers are more effective at home than hair removal in a dermatologist’s office.

    Other safety precautions include your skin color and hair color. Laser hair removal works best on scalp and dark hair.

    Hyperpigmentation, blisters and irritation are potential side effects in all subjects. Make sure you follow all the instructions on your device to help prevent injuries.

    Although no time is required with this procedure, you may want to avoid direct sunlight for several days after using the laser hair removal device. Doing so will help reduce the risk of side effects.

    Bottom line

    While laser hair removal is traditionally done in a dermatologist’s office, you can still copy some of the benefits at home. The key is to take the time and compare all available features. You can use this guide as a starting point.

    Talk to your dermatologist for more advice on choosing the best hair removal methods for you.

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