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Green Foods For Beautiful Skin | best food for skin glow

Eat Fresh Vegetables and Fruits for White and Beautiful Skin:

As skin whitening and beauty is a very well known and much-talked topic for all ages and times. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables can bring a very good change in the life. There are several benefits of eating green foods. These green foods are very good for skin nourishment and beauty.

Green Foods For Beautiful Skin, Eat Fresh Vegetables and Fruits for White and Beautiful Skin

1, Melon : best foods for skin repair


The melon can make people look healthy and help the longevity. It is a kind of vegetable for beautifying and whitening the skin. Everyday use of the melon slices to rub the face or wash it, will reduce the freckles to make the skin more smooth and beautiful. The effect is probably related to the histidine and flesh, urinary enzymes and a variety of vitamins, trace elements inside it.

2, Peas : food for glowing skin in a month

Modern research has found that the peas are rich in vitamin A. It can make the skin smoother and healthier. And it is abstracted from the common food so that it will not produce the side effect. At the same time, peas can relieve the swelling, stretch the skin and tighten the wrinkles around the eyes.

3, Potatoes : best foods for clear skin

Potatoes contain a lot of vitamin B and plenty of high-quality cellulose, as well as the trace elements, protein, fat and high-quality starch and other nutrients. These components play an important role in the process of anti-aging and disease prevention. It can help release the toxin of the body. And the vitamin B will recover the whitening skin of women. In addition, the crude fiber can also play a laxative effect.

4, Carrots : foods for healthy skin complexion

Carrot is known as “skin food”, and helps to moisturize the skin. It contains beta-carotene, which is antioxidant and helps to whiten skin, and remove excess keratodermia and sooth the oily skin. The egg yolk and honey have the moisturizing of the skin. In addition, carrots are rich in pectin substances and it can be combined with the mercury so that the harmful ingredients of the body can be released to make the skin more healthy. Carrots are very good food for a fairer and beautiful skin.

5,Lemon : best food for skin glow

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, called the “Whitening King”. Lemons belong to the citrus fruits and have the high efficiency of skin beautification. The abundant vitamin C can promote metabolism, delay the anti-aging and enhance the immunity of the body. Lemon has a very significant whitening effect, and also serves as a kind of add-on component in the whitening products. And a lot of vitamin C can promote metabolism, whiten skin, relieve pores, soften aging skin and make skin bright and beautiful..

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