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Don’t take Painkillers

Don’t take Painkillers:

We set alarms to keep ourselves ready for the upcoming problems. we set alarms that tell us that we have to be alert. We set alarms. Alarms tells us about the upcoming problems in your life the alarms tell us to get ourselves ready for fighting back the problems in future to get there itself on time the good hotels on time Igor says they’re ready and available without getting late the alarm tells us not to be late to fight back any of the problems.

Dont take Painkillers

But will you know that when we set alarm to close on time that we sit there and logarithm that we said they could have been I saying that tomorrow morning 7 o’clock to get me up this is the elaborate time that our alarm is running off will you not be surprised surprised if I tell you that our body also had alarming systems are buddy had it on alarms it’s automatic alarms it runs on itself it has its own nature to elaborate times which is fed by which is already pre-installed by God by nature.
You know what these alarms are you will be thankful to God to know about this you will be surprised to let me tell you that when you fall sex when you feel sick when you feel pain in your head when you have when you have bandit in your bag it is an alarm to your body your body is alarming you and your body is telling you and it’s own way that I need your care you need to take care of me there is something wrong happening here I am missing some nutrition I am missing something that you need to remind me the body tickles and tells us that there is some problem with me you need to take it seriously. You need to take care of me.
And if we don’t have this alarming test to maybe there is a huge problem in our body it we first noticed this problem by the symptoms of that disease or that problem in our body like cancer and diabetes and all the big huge and very dangerous diseases we can know about them by the time when we diagnosed them by their symptoms the symptoms are and should be the alarms that body is showing two hours for a certain problem need to problem you have their own alarms
Like when we have a headache it means that there is some problem with overhead in our brain in our brain cells there is some problem but today and we need to take care of that problem maybe we are taking more thing to do maybe we are damaging our brain cells by taking extra and use this tension which is harming the brain and brain downs us bye headache
We can manage this headache but taking less station to tackle out why this is all happening in taking care of that problem at all during that problem or we can get rid of a headache
It is actually just the same as being in the morning your alarm is ringing it’s drawers and telling you to get up you are just putting that alarm on silent and again going to sleep it means you’re not getting up here will not be on time you’ll be delayed or whatever problems are approaching you a lot be ready for that fight back you’re not ready for your life and I ready for a new day
And what will happen to her body you are snoozing are you are silent thing that alone you are telling to your body not to tell you that there is some problem but the problem actually is already there we were just trying to run away from the problem I don’t want to solve it will lead you to a serious problem is in serious disease
So what I say instead of taking a painkiller we just need to take care of that body part we need to take care we need to understand our body we need to take a serious action why this is happening and what is the solution for this we need to take care of that solution instead of just taking a pill and forgetting about the problem forgetting about the problem with not solve the problem it will actually extend a problem so this is the thing instead when we are having when our body is alarming and our bodies telling that there is a problem we need to Jake’s your section for that we need to take serious action by providing some good healthy food to our body healthy food when is only remedy

We need to understand what is look just like a headache we need to understand why a headache is there in your body why are you and Khalid Surv paining maybe there is some problem that you can solve a providing yourself with the healthy food with some of the remedies

Don’t take pain killers///

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