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7 Banana Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits | banana nutrition benefits

7 Banana Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits:

Banana Nutrition Benefits: You may know a lot of benefits of banana in daily life. You’ll never look at a banana the same way again once you fully know many health benefits and reasons that answer why bananas really matter. It can both fight against depression, make you smarter, deal with hangovers, address morning sickness as well as to protect against kidney cancer. You can also fight diabetes, osteoporosis effectively. If you are among those who have to deal with the itch of a mosquito bite, you had better put a great shine of banana on your shoes.
banana nutrition benefits: You may know a lot of benefits of banana in daily life. You’ll never look at a banana the same way again once you fully know many health benefits and reasons that answer why bananas really matter. It can both fight against depression, make you smarter, deal with hangovers, address morning sickness as well as to protect against kidney cancer.
Given below are some more reasons for you to eat bananas every day if you want to stay healthy all the time.

1. Lean Muscle

After a workout, it could easily be found that your muscles are sore. This might because you might be getting enough magnesium in your daily diet yet. Lucky for your, banana is such a good source of magnesium. Eating this, as a result, can be extremely beneficial for muscle contraction as well as protein synthesis. Thanks to this it can efficiently increase lean muscle mass after all. It is the fact that magnesium intake can foster dialysis, which can help to releases fat from its stores.

2. Less Stress And Anxiety

Aside from being a temper-boosting B9, bananas also are blanketed with tryptophan or a precursor of serotonin. This is the key element making it one of the maximum crucial brain chemical thanks to its natural anti-depressant. Therefore, consuming more of banana can treat anxiety insomnia, in addition to other troubles. You’ll no longer worry about fatigue, irritability, agitation, anger, any greater when you keep consuming bananas on a regular foundation. Along with that, it’s miles norepinephrine in the banana that helps you to regulate pressure. It would be the best if you can eat at least 3 bananas a day on daily basis.

3. Sleep Better

Bananas are also a true supply of “tryptophan,”, which has long been considered as A precursor for melatonin. This asset is answerable for promoting rest And to adjust sleep. Therefore, it might help you to get the exceptional result if you can devour one banana before heading to bed.

4. Aids digestion

The fruit is determined to be extraordinarily wealthy in pectin, which could correctly resource Digestion and lightly flush out all of the toxins and heavy metals from your body Along with water. The reason making this possible is that banana works wonders as a prebiotic, to both stimulate the growth of friendly bacteria in the bowel as well as to build up muscles. It is blamed to be a good source to produce digestive enzymes, which make it easier for you to consume nutrients.

5. Banana Benefits for weight loss

First of all, bananas are loaded with few calories. On average, a banana is packed with over 100 calories, which is extremely nutritious and filling for you to consume. Along with that, the fruit’s is also very rich in fiber. For that reason, you can eat more fruit and vegetables along with bananas. This trick is also known so beneficial for those who want to lower body weight all along.

6. Support Heart Health

Potassium is one of an excellent type of mineral which is essential for heart health, as well as blood pressure control.Since most of us not getting enough potassium in their diet, it would be the best that you can eat more banana on daily basis to support your health.

7. Enhance insulin sensitivity

Insulin resistance is by and large liable for among the world’s maximum serious Diseases, together with diabetes and cancer.It is, therefore extremely beneficial that you can eat at least few grams of resistant starch per day within at least one month.

Eat Banana Look Younger:

Packed with 89 Calories per 100 grams, Banana is an amazingly tasty and healthful fruit. I have a funny history of bananas. When I was younger I loved banana flavored things but did not like fresh banana…weird right?! When I was in college I worked with an older man who I guessed was in his late 50’s. The more I got to know him he revealed that he was 70! What was his secret weapon to feel and look twenty years younger?
One day he dramatically revealed his health secret….Bananas! And I was surprised to find out he ate 2 banana’s a day, just one for breakfast and one after dinner.
A few years later I hired a personal trainer. Like any good personal trainer he gave my diet a makeover and had me eat a banana after and before I worked out. He explained eating a banana before my workout would give me good energy and helps me muscles to contract and expand smoothly, after eating a banana will replace crucial vitamins and minerals lost during my workout.So began my affection for  fresh  bananas.

Here’s are some of the superpowers of this super-fruit:

Loaded with 400 mg of Potassium. Foods high in potassium are critical nutrition for your nerves, heart, kidney and bones health. The potassium suppresses calcium excretion, which decreases your risk of kidney stones and minimizes the loss of calcium which can cut the risk of osteoporosis. An excellent source of fiber, a medium banana has 16% of your daily nutrition needs. It has 20% of your need for vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 helps your body make hemoglobin which is excellent for nourishing your blood. Vitamin B6 benefits your body for antibody production to keep up the healthy immune response. A medium size Banana has only about 110 calories and is fat-free, naturally! And also has 16% of your DRV of Vitamin C. Vitamin C protects the body against oxidative stress.
Bananas are one healthy food for your body that you should eat at least once a day. You can find them in any grocery store and they are really inexpensive.
Here is my favorite way to eat bananas. Blend some low-fat yogurt (any
a banana, orange juices, and some frozen strawberries or milk together;

insert straw, enjoy!

Banana Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits


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