The weekend is almost here, and it’s time to plan your relaxing dinners ahead. If you are in the mood for spicy Indian food, there’s nothing better than curry night that has the ability to satisfy all your food cravings.  These recipes are extremely easy to make, delicious and comprise of various different flavours, all encapsulated in one dish. Here are some scrumptious meals you can try for your weekend curry night:
 1)    Parsi Red Chicken Curry
This deliciously spicy red curry is made from Kashmiri red chilies which lend their unique taste, and is prepared in a coconut milk curry adding a silky smooth texture. This dish originated in Parsi cuisine, but has Goan Indian influences as well. Serve with hot naan for the perfect dinner dish.


2)    Chili Chicken Curry
A deliciously creamy curry prepared with chicken marinated in yogurt and flavorful spices. This dish has spice and taste, all in one for a fiesta. Make sure to serve this with hot with naan, thinly rolled chapati, or steamed rice and enjoy the dish for either lunch or dinner!

3)    Prawn Red Curry
Here’s a little something away from your usual chicken curry. Something one can call ‘curry in a hurry,’ this prawn dish is cooked in far-eastern flavors and encapsulates an array of seafood flavours that can satisfy a range of taste buds. The true essence of this dish is felt once the spices are doubled and it is served with rice to balance out all the flavours.

We’ve just given you three very different, yet extremely scrumptious curry ideas for the weekend. Make sure to follow the steps just as they are so you can feel the essence of the overall recipes, and enjoy all the spices used. And one more thing, don’t just watch the videos – try the recipes too!

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